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How Secure is your WordPress Website?

This is a key question, and one that must be faced square on. We know that many businesses tend to put it to one side, hoping that ‘It’ll never happen to us’. But it does; therefore it’s vital to take as much preventative action as you can; but also know who to contact if the unthinkable has just happened and a WordPress website salvage operation becomes a priority.

Get Rescued by our WP Website Support Security Team

WordPress is a highly popular and much-used open source content management system. This means that it
is also a key target for those who wish to infect, hack, gain backdoor access, or otherwise damage business’ websites like yours. Our team are highly skilled at keeping websites free from such attacks as much as is possible; equally at rapidly dealing with any unwelcome activity when it occurs. We aim to offer a range of security solutions, and quickly resolve emerging issues and potential and actual threats.

Our WP Website Support
team assist in several ways.

Website Security to Website Recovery Services, we protect your business and ensure business continuity. Some measures include:

  • Industry leading penetration tests and advanced scanning techniques to effectively assess the current vulnerability of your business website
  • Implementing the latest in malware and virus scanning and monitoring processes
  • Detecting potential threats and security issues at the earliest possible opportunity
  • Assisting in the countering of brute force attacks, unwanted and recurring pop-ups, random redirection activities, foreign code injection, DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and more
  • Creation and maintenance of effective firewalls

Our security specialists are constantly striving to be ahead of the trouble-making game; always updating their knowledge through industry leading forums, and seeking the latest in best prevention practice, and identifying the best solution options available.

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Here’s a really quick way to find out. Take a couple of minutes to register your business details here. One of our highly qualified WP Website Support team members will call you. We’ll take the time to listen carefully to your concerns – either specific or general – and discuss the importance of using preventative website security practices, undertaking proactive monitoring, and knowing how to deal with emergencies. Of course, this chat is entirely free of any obligation on your part. Register and be ready.

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