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Wordpress Website Hacked?
Expert Assistance is Promptly at Hand

Until the mid-1980s, the term hacker referred only to robust sporting practices. Since then, it has become a term that gains fearful reactions from those whose business is dependent on a safe and secure online environment, one their customers can trust and use with confidence.

Your WordPress website, like all others, could fall victim to criminal hacking. Prevention is always better than cure, so now is a good time to register with WP Website Support and make use of our website security assessments and actions – you can find out more about this here.

Immediate Action to Take if your Website
is Compromised

Such situations are hugely time critical, so contact our experienced WP Website Support team immediately on 1300 912 950

How our Team Can Help with your
Hacked WordPress Website

Our experienced professionals understand how distressing, even frightening, it can be if your WordPress website is suddenly the victim of a hack. Unchecked, it can lead to raft of problems, including the issuing of Untrusted Site Notices, and even the threat of being blacklisted.

This is why it is truly a time for both cool heads and proven expertise. We’ll quickly set to work, undertaking a range of proven actions for effectively assessing such crises, including:

  • Running industry-leading virus scanning and malware detection software on both your website and its server
  • Clearly identify where your website has been compromised or backdoor access gained
  • Seeking out anomalies across your website structure and the code currently in use
  • Assessing the depth and level of the damage that has
    been caused

From there, we will then quickly move into repair and recovery mode. We will establish a restorative course of action to take – with
your approval of course – until the situation is completely resolved. We can then seek to add preventative measures for the future.
These can include:

  • The addition of increased security actions through the use of
    trusted backup and recovery processes
  • Proactive WordPress website detection and monitoring activities

Registering with WP Website Support

Even if your website is currently secure (or you believe it to be) it makes sound sense to register your business now with WP Website Support. After you have taken just a couple of moments to do so, one of our team will contact you for an obligation-free discussion about your web presence. This allows you to discuss any worries or doubts you might have about the security of your WordPress website before these cause serious problems.

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