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What access do I need to provide WP Website Support?

We require the following access to quote and resolve any issues for your website support and recovery needs:

Content Management System: We require the URL, administrator username name and password for your website.
( Eg WordPress)
Cpanel or Hosting Control Panel | FTP / SFTP: The hosting access may typically be held on record internally in your organisation. If you are uncertain of who your website hosting provider is enter your website address here: https://www.whoishostingthis.com/ or call us directly.
Note: WP Website Support would not be authorised to call you hosting provider on your behalf to obtain your hosting credentials.

When is adhoc tasks payment due?

Our team scope & quote you the statement of work investment for the described tasks. On approval we will provide you the
investment payable that needs to be finalised prior to commencing our Adhoc Support work. Upon payment being finalised
we commence our work ASAP.

When is a monthly maintenance payment due?

Our team process the monthly maintenance investment on the fixed day of the month for our work in the following month in
advance. Payments are processed via direct debit to your nominated business account or credit card. Note: Credit cards
incur merchant fee surcharges as outlined in our direct debit schedule authority form.

What happens if we exceed our monthly maintenance hours?

If your agreed number of hours each month are exceeding the agreed monthly investment our team will let you know in
advance of proceeding with tasks outside of the months allocated hours. We will scope and quote the additional hours
that will be processed for payment upon approval.

What payment options are available?

For significantly larger projects we will be open to a 50% upfront 50% on completion payment terms via EFT.

Do your charges include GST?

Yes our business is registered via GST and the GST component will be noted on the payment gateway checkout.

What are your turnaround times for adhoc & maintenance tasks?

Upon reviewing your task requests, we will provide you with a turnaround estimate so you are kept informed. On completion
we will also communicate to you when the changes have been actioned for you to review.

How soon can you attend to URGENT enquiries?

Communication on your part is critically important. If your task requests are super-critical – eg your website has been
hacked, this task will naturally be given a very high level of urgency by our team to get your site recovery underway ASAP.
There are however instances where you business may need support tasks attended to ASAP for other reasons, therefore we
encourage you to outline any urgency for specific tasks including specific deadlines.

Do you provide after hours support?

Yes, we provide after hours support to clients Australia wide. Please note our after hours support attracts a premium rate.

Do you offer website design and development?

Yes WordPress Rescue offers high conversion, SEO & Mobile compliant website design via our sister brand

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